breadcrumb data



Providing ten centimetre accuracy for indoor positioning
Breadcrumb is both a hardware and software solution that improves the navigational and exhibition experiences of museums and galleries through ten centimetre accurate indoor positioning and data collection. Combining hardware that smartly communicates with its surrounding space, and software that tracks and calculates its coordinates, members of the cultural sector can monitor their visitor activity and provide improved user experiences through the retrieved data. Third-party companies are also provided with an easy to use solution to build their own location-based applications.

Lifeng Zhu, is the founder/CEO
Changqing Ma, marketing manager
Zhen (Alex) Wang, front and back end development
Shengkun Xie, mobile developer

Tingan Cai, design and animation lead.

point zero

Point Zero

Inspiring young people with 3D visualisation
Point Zero creates interactive holographic displays for the museum space that simply convey complex ideas in science and technology. The product is Holospace, the only display technology that combines 3D holograms with interactive content to educate and inspire audiences. Providing a new way for museums to share their stories in an immersive and visually exciting way.

Chris Mather, founder
Peter Walter, activation and client manager
Gabi de Groen, graphic designer and web developer
James Otter, lead developer

curio publisher


Our product makes making interactives easy and fun
The Curio software platform allows museum storytellers to make their own object-centric, digital interactives. They can capture curatorial stories on particular objects and allow visitors to experience these stories through independent exploration. The product allows museums to simply create digital interactives at a fraction of the price of bespoke products with no technical skills required. They can also update them easily and help keep the visitor experience engaging and relevant.

Regan Ryan, Web Developer
Joris Rotteveel, Senior Developer
James McClean, Marketing Lead
Robin Marshall, Technical Lead
Marc McHardy, Design Lead
Sarah Thompson, Front end developer
Cristina Campos, Project Manager (not pictured)
Emily Loughnan, Product Owner
Emma Martin, UX Developer
Briar Barry, Researcher (not pictured)

koha tech


Cultural collaboration, digital innovation, human interaction
Koha Technologies empowers indigenous cultures through digital infrastructures and mobile communications, allowing whanau and the wider community to learn about Iwi taonga. Koha is dedicated to telling lost stories through virtual and augmented reality and uses their unique cultural connections to uncover ancestry and heritage that is stored, treasured, and portrayed with authenticity via mobile apps, web portals, and social platforms.

Manu Katene, co-founder
Ethan Sagar, designer
Kevin Shedlock, 
co-founder and developer
Christian Spicer, lead software developer



Gamefroot makes learning fun and effective
Gamelab creates scaffolded learning activities and resources that educate young people in a fun and engaging way through making their own games. The Gamefroot platform makes learning playful and effective for young museum visitors by empowering them via user friendly software and culturally enriched resources, in partnership with the GLAM sector.

Dan Milward, founder
Ben Richards, developer
Dave Thorncroft, core artist and designer
Stefan Le Minh, web developer



Craftmapper revitalises indigenous culture
Craftmapper’s online craft inventory framework guides communities through a simple systematic process that records their skills, designs, materials and practitioners. It highlights unique designs, endangered skills and materials, and potentially marketable product. Craftmapper offers market readiness training and distributes authentic hand crafted products to museum shops and galleries around the world.

Chris Delany, founder
Glendall, developer
Josh Forde, co-founder of Rabid


dot dot

Dot Dot

The Empathy Machine
Dot Dot is delivering virtual reality into museums with The Empathy Machine, a digital experience that lets visitors walk around and touch the virtual scene, providing valuable context to Te Papa’s treasured artefacts. The Empathy Machine includes everything a museum needs to embed mixed­-reality content alongside their existing exhibitions, including custom installation, durable hardware, equipment maintenance and content updates.

Chris White, co-founder and CEO
Jacques Foottit, developer, product designer, and CTO
Kate Stevenson, co-founder and CMO



Create, build, share.
Indepth enables museums to engage their audiences by sharing their stories and collections through mobile devices.

Indepth have brought down the costs of mobile development for museums by creating an open-source and web-based platform with the ability to create unique experiences special to each museum.

Rowan Savage, founder and developer
Nick Maskell,
marketer turned developer.
Craig MacGregor, developer
Josh Harwood,
designer and UX

open window

Open Window

Immersive virtual gallery experiences
Open Window is creating a platform for artists and gallery owners to promote, preserve and pre-visualise art and exhibitions. We work with artists, galleries and museums to upload their digital content to curate and publish exhibitions using 360º capture and virtual walk throughs. The platform is called Palace, and creators can access it through a web portal where they either use pre-designed gallery templates to display their art, or work with the company to capture the artist’s existing space. Once published, artists and gallery owners can promote their exhibitions to their audiences through web or VR technology.

Lochana Wijesundera, CEO, developer, and creative lead
Akira Kwan, 3D designer and customer liaison



Your window to discovery
Excio [ˈeksioː] - excite, evoke.

Excio displays beautiful and interactive images on the home screens of mobile devices. This company’s mission is to enable people to explore the amazing world around them without having to actively or consciously do so. To achieve this mission, Excio works with people and organisations around the globe to bring their artworks, photographs and collections to life. Excio look for only the best content to be exhibited on the home screens of thousands of mobile devices that will engage, educate and change the lives of others.

Vlad Dolgov, co-founder and CTO
Ana Lyubich, co-founder and CEO