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Te Papa has completed our three-year innovation accelerator programme. Twenty eight teams have graduated the Mahuki programme, and we have powered some great success stories. We are now considering how we carry forward the Mahuki brand and vision.

As we mark the conclusion of this first phase in Mahuki’s life, we recognise the visionaries involved in its establishment: former Chief Executive Rick Ellis, Chief Digital Officer Melissa Firth, and founding General Manager Tui Te Hau. We also recognise Mahuki’s talented staff, Priscilla Edmonds, Sulu Fiti, Lucy Shand, and all those in the GLAM and innovation sectors who have contributed their time and expertise.

Most of all, we reflect on the experiences and successes of those who have participated in the accelerator programme. We are proud to have been part of your company’s genesis and growth, and look forward to remaining engaged in your future development.