Why Mahuki

How do we ensure the sustainability of the culture sector through business and innovation?

Mahuki was built to respond to the commercial potential of the culture sector, and to discover opportunities to change the way millions of people throughout Aotearoa and the world experience culture.

The National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa's vision for the future is to change hearts, minds and lives. Its role is to be a forum for the nation to present, explore, and preserve the heritage of its cultures and knowledge of the natural environment. Te Papa was established with this role by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Act 1992.

Mahuki is focused on solving the challenges facing the cultural sector.  We want to reach beyond museum walls to connect people with our rich collections and experiences. We believe that by fostering successful businesses and ideas, we’re helping to transform the global cultural sector, and by extension help New Zealand to become the technology and ideas-led nation we want to be.

Mahuki’s innovations support cultural institutions to:

  • innovate and remain relevant in an increasingly digital world
  • keep delighting our audiences - in person and online - and enable them to go deep into our collections, beyond the physical display
  • achieve efficiencies and improve our business performance.

Why the cultural sector?

The global cultural sector is made up of thousands of galleries, libraries, archives and museums. It is an area of significant opportunity and growth opportunity — still relatively untapped by the commercial market, but in need of digital innovation to help it thrive.

Our teams find opportunities, and create business and customer experience solutions from them. The target audience for these businesses are made up of a prestigious and sought-after consumer groups.

Mahuki helps entrepreneurs understand the immense potential of the cultural sector, work with them to meet its needs and provide direct access to the sector in New Zealand and abroad.