breadcrumb data

Alumni 2016


Providing ten centimetre accuracy for indoor positioning
Our vision is to change the way organisations think about the possibilities of location based services. We do this through our centimeter-accurate indoor positioning solution. We want to work alongside innovative partners, who are passionate about delivering world-leading digital customer experiences.

The Breadcrumb positioning solution enables applications across two broad areas - enhancing customer experiences and enhancing organisational performance.

Cultural institutions such as museums and art galleries need to meet changing visitor expectations and stay relevant. The Breadcrumb platform opens up exciting opportunities to deliver smart, location-aware digital experiences. Our solution also provides cultural institutions the ability to enhance operational efficiency through visitor data insights. Understanding visitors is crucial, and deep insights don't come just from old fashioned paper surveys.

point zero

Point Zero

Inspiring young people with 3D visualisation
Point Zero's purpose is to create, unique digital experiences that connect brands with people. Ranging from the programming and design through to promotion, we produce cutting edge hologram, virtual reality, mobile applications that wow your customers.

curio publisher


Our product makes making interactives easy and fun
Curio is an online publishing platform that lets Museums, Galleries, Libraries, etc make their own digital interactives, without needing specialist suppliers. Curio is especially suited to creating object-based interactives, typically presented on a touchscreen. All you need is an object, or a collection of objects, and some stories to tell about it that will fascinate your visitor. If you have those, then you're ready to start!

Curio is free to try and you’ll need to buy a license to publish the interactive to a screen, so you can check it and so your visitors can start interacting. After that, you can monitor how successful it is and make changes as often as you like.

koha tech


Cultural collaboration, digital innovation, human interaction
Let indigenous culture truly speak. For indigenous cultures who have precious treasures, Koha Technologies understands the cultural architecture which enables indigenous peoples to preserve their digital treasures. Our team understand the processes needed to engage, store, build and portray indigenous experiences.

For Koha Technologies, we are committed to supporting indigenous peoples with the digitization and telling of their cultural stories, building the digital asset base allowing indigenous cultures to store, access and convey their cultural stories, providing a platform for the dispersion of cultural digital stories globally and, creating new innovative ways to display and interact with indigenous cultural treasures.



Gamefroot is the online platform for kids to make, play and share their own digital games. 
Gamefroot is the easy choice for schools, community groups or families seeking to switch on young people’s digital learning. Our game-based learning activities are scalable and easy-access tutorials are there to support both teachers and students alike. Gamefroot is suitable for learners from the younger years through high school.

Gamefroot supports digital literacy and STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering arts and math) plus the wider curriculum. Students can create games with context that expand their knowledge across almost all curriculum subjects.



Craftmapper revitalises indigenous culture
Craftmapper is a social enterprise that encourages indigenous communities to protect their unique cultural heritage by providing livelihood opportunities. We are proud to partner with Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand to offer unique, authentic craft to international museum shops and other high end outlets around the world.


dot dot

Dot Dot

The Empathy Machine
DOTDOT are interactive content specialists working in both augmented and virtual reality. With backgrounds in film, gaming, education and performance, we bring together content, hardware and software expertise to create the most compelling experiences possible. Learn more at

open window

Open Window

Immersive virtual gallery experiences
Open Window is creating a platform to promote, preserve and pre-visualise art by allowing artists to experience their art collection through virtual reality. We work with galleries and museums to upload their digital content, curate, and publish exhibitions using 360 capture and virtual walkthroughs.



Your window to discovery
Excio [ˈeksioː] - excite, evoke.

Excio displays meaningful and stimulating images on the home screens of mobile devices. This company’s mission is to enable people to explore the amazing world around them without having to actively or consciously do so. To achieve this mission, Excio works with people and organisations around the globe to bring their artworks, photographs and collections to life. Excio is looking for the most interesting and unique content to be exhibited on the home screens of thousands of mobile devices that will engage, educate and change the lives of others.