Alumni 2017


We are a Social Enterprise called Collaborate run by four young Wellington women. We have designed a platform for matching volunteers skills with opportunities in community and cultural organisations like museums and charities.

It functions much the same as popular dating sites but instead matches young people and skilled professionals alike with opportunities to use their skills for good. By making connection fast and easy the collaborate app boosts volunteer engagement, especially amongst the missing millennial demographic.

Organisations can tap into this talent by posting opportunities and viewing the profile of interested volunteers; which includes users volunteer history and feedback tracked through the app. It's a win-win. Empowering communities by making it easier for volunteers to give and grow their skills on projects they care about, and increasing the capacity and capability of organisations.

In New Zealand volunteers outnumber paid staff in both charities and museums. Collaborate streamlines this essential operating function for both sectors - connecting them to the skills and people they need, whilst massively reducing the time and money spent on volunteer sourcing and management.  

See here our website and social media channels if you want to read a bit more about us.


LocalFlair enables institutions to activate creatives around them through commercial opportunities. Galleries and museums all want to support local creatives, but in order for the work to also support the institutions they must do 3 things.

  1. Provide commercial benefit
  2. Relate to the current exhibitions
  3. Improve standing of the institution

Finding work that fits all three criteria is very time intensive. This pain is amplified every time the exhibitions change, making working with a diverse range of artists even harder to sustain. LocalFlair maps out the local creative community and provides access to quality services and skills that creatives offer for the institution’s commercial needs.

I Want To Experience

I Want To Experience uses immersive Virtual Reality to take users into the intimate worlds of explorers, innovators, curators and artists.  Passionate experts tell you what they are most curious about - what they've spent their lifetimes’ studying. We provide an avenue through which cultural Institutions can unlock their human treasures, reach geographically unbound audiences and deepen the learning experience for their visitors.

We’re using the skills we’ve mastered creating content for blockbuster Hollywood films at Weta Digital to pioneer a new genre of information interchange that is only now, with the release of consumer-oriented VR technology,  becoming possible.


ContinUX brings together software development, UX design, and culture and heritage sector expertise to bring you MORPH – data analytics for the GLAM sector.

Like some other data analytics services, MORPH provides actionable insights for decision-makers. What makes MORPH different is the focus on individual visitor behaviour. MORPH gathers data from multiple sources within the institution and online to create a picture of each individual visitor – where they go, what they do, and how they engage.

From these multiple visitor interactions, MORPH uses AI tools to generate real time visitor insights and predictions. MORPH’s customers can use these insights and predictions to deliver tailored exhibitions, targeted offers, and personalised visitor experiences.

SimplyFi Ltd

SimplyFi are a family team of three dedicated to two things: simplicity and sharing.

They are developing an application that will help artists, private collectors and everyone in between to simply and securely catalogue their collection.

Whether it is a piece of art, respected taonga or even a heritage trophy, users can simply catalogue these items and the stories that accompany them. Tiered access will offer users the option to share their stories with others such as galleries and museums who are hungry to showcase more content to their respective communities.

At SimplyFi we believe that stories hidden are stories lost. Our application will be the digital handshake that connects the citizens of today with generations of tomorrow.

Tide Talk

Language is the vessel in which history, tradition and philosophy are carried across oceans and into new generations.

We, the people of Oceania, are losing our languages, and with them our unique understanding of the world. This is due to a number of reasons, including our own misperceptions about the value of our cultures.

TideTalk uses technology to break down barriers preventing us from learning - and thus preserving - our languages. Our learning tool features customizable lessons, an immersive environment to grow new language skills and gamified progress, rewarded with gems of cultural knowledge that really brings our languages to life.

Vaka Interactiv

Vaka Interactiv, is a Pasifika and Māori team that creates impact communication through technology. With their current focus on the museum sector, they are developing interactive digital portraits that allow museum visitors to engage in conversation with cultural figures. The dialogue with portrait characters will enable museum visitors to experience ethnocultural empathy, meaning they will be able to see and understand another culture from the cultures perspective.


Taking your experiences to the next level!

ScimitAR is a team of creatives, educators and game developers who are passionate about making fun, interactive and educational experiences.

Through augmented reality and gamified experiences we will empower institutions to expand the demographics that visit them. By bridging the gap between the digital natives of newer generations and the content of your spaces, these new demographics can immerse themselves in fun and engaging ways.

These experiences are customisable and available to you. Talk to us and together we will connect the generations of tomorrow with the stories of today.