Our Challenges

  1. Create new museum experiences

    How can Te Papa use new technology to create brand new experiences that bring our collections alive?

  2. Create personal visitor experiences

    How can we use innovation to tailor the experience to different individuals?

  3. Reflect our increasingly diverse society

    How can innovation and creativity help us to reflect our diverse society in new ways?

  4. Create innovative connections to support learning

    How can we help connect schools and tertiary institutions with the curatorial and scientific work we do so that New Zealand's biodiversity is more accessible to students and all the public?

  1. Inspire young people in science and technology

    How can we connect young people with the expertise, knowledge and collections of Te Papa to inspire young New Zealanders, especially girls and Maori and Pasifika, to engage more deeply in science and technology.

  2. Achieve a "create once, publish everywhere" approach to content delivery

    How can Te Papa streamline its content creation and publish it in a central location that allows that content to feed into all the formats we use, including audio guides, wall labels, social media, interactive digital displays, apps, web page content, books, etc?

  3. Create a virtual Te Papa

    How can we build a virtual Te Papa experience for New Zealanders living outside Wellington?

  4. Connect Māori with taonga

    How can Te Papa connect iwi, hapū and whānau with taonga, tangibly or intangibly, to revitalise culture and heritage as well as support collaboration and reconciliation?

  1. Support artists and enable creative responses

    How can we utilise new technologies to support creative responses from artists and visitors both inside and outside of the gallery experience? How might this be used as a template by other museums/galleries and the education sector?

  2. Share our collections in a virtual world

    How can we make our data, research, collections available in a virtual world to support learning, sharing of knowledge, and access to our content and collections in new ways (e.g. 3D visualization and printing, etc.), and do so in a user-friendly and scalable way?

  3. Enrich the museum experience for less mobile, hearing or visually impaired people

    How can we use innovations in technology to deliver a full sensory experience for these visitors?

  4. Increase visitor access to museum content

    How can we create new and relevant ways for visitors to access the content and interpretations of our science collection?

  5. Help New Zealand share its sporting history with the world

    How can we share the rich sporting history of New Zealand with the world?