Cool Women Talk About Our Bright Future

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 17:00 to 19:00

We are bringing you a line up of exceptionally Cool Women who are shaping New Zealand's future. These women are at the forefront of innovation and business putting New Zealand on the map. Their hard work and dedication are providing solutions for a brighter future. They include a 25 year old serial entrepreneur working on her third start-up, a woman whose passion for culture is reshaping the way museums do business and a woman who is building a community of New Zealand start-ups in an overseas market. They are leaders of innovation, and we have asked them to talk about their vision for the future of women, future of business and future of New Zealand.

This is a not to be missed event where you will walk away knowing that our future is in safe hands and feeling inspired and motivated by these extraordinarily talented women to contribute to Our Bright Future.

Brought to you by Mahuki - Te Papa’s innovation hub, where we empower communities to use culture and technology to create sustainable prosperity, whist bringing New Zealand innovators to the world.