New Sporting History Challenge

Te Papa’s innovation hub Mahuki is calling for entrepreneurs to help cultural institutions in New Zealand and around the globe tell their stories of sporting identity.

Mahuki and the New Zealand Cricket Museum have joined forces to issue a specific challenge for innovators to use new technology to create experiences that bring sports history alive when taking part in the 2017 programme.

General Manager of Mahuki, Tui Te Hau says stories of sporting history are celebrated through Te Papa exhibitions and collection items and are captured in sports museums such as the New Zealand Cricket Museum, the New Zealand Rugby Museum and the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame. 

“In New Zealand, sport is such a big part of our history and culture and to be able to tell those stories in more creative and innovative ways would help inspire the next generation of sportspeople and share the stories of sportspeople we are so proud of, with the world,” she says.

New Zealand Cricket Museum Director Jamie Bell, says museums are always exploring the best ways to celebrate sporting personalities and achievements in the context of history.


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