Digitalisation is everywhere, and the culture sector is increasingly coming under pressure to keep up-to-date with the innovative technologies of today. What technologies will take the GLAM sector by storm? Our Innovation Analyst does indepth research into the following CultureTech: 


Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual reality has been around for decades, with gaming companies producing a few false starts, such as Nintendo’s notorious Virtual Boy, before silently fading away. Fortunately, an unlikely hero has revitalised this field; the common smartphone. Its availability and increasingly advanced features allow VR experiences to be accessed easily from the device in your pocket. With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular, is the future of museums in virtual exhibitions? 

Augmented Museums

With Pokémon Go and Snapchat’s filters mixing digital worlds with real people and environments, augmented reality is fast becoming a technology adopted by the everyday. So what does this mean for museums? In their 2016 report, Center for the Future of Museums thinks augmented and virtual realities will hold both the ‘promise and peril’ for museums in the near future...