Talent is everywhere. We want to reach out and find that kiwi talent to celebrate success from New Zealand’s smallest towns to our largest cities. Hear from the stories of the innovators around us!

Ezel Kokcu, Entrepreneur-in-Residence Mahuki 2018 - What's your story?

Mahuki's Entrepreneur-in-Residence for 2018, Ezel Kokcu, talks about her journey with 3 startups under her hat, her motivations for business and why she loves the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

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Jesse Armstrong, CEO Vaka Interactiv - What's your story?

Hear from the CEO of Mahuki 2017 Alumni team, Vaka Interactiv, and his journey of turning his dream of entreprenuership into a reality. 

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Jaemen Busby, CEO SimplyFi - What's your story?

Hear from the CEO of Mahuki 2017 Alumni team, SimplyFi, and his journey from growing up in South Auckland to entreprenuer in Wellington.

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Priscilla Loong - What's your story?

Hear from our Activation Manager, Priscilla Loong, and her journey from entrepreneurship to Mahuki.

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What is Mahuki in a nutshell?

Jo Brothers from Giant Sisters chats to...

  • Tui Te Hau - General Manager Mahuki
  • Priscilla Loong - Activation Manager
  • Sulu Fiti - Outreach Manager

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